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The ultimate collection of lessons plans to help make you the best CFII possible. The complete premium CFII binder covers every subject area in the Practical Test Standards.



What is a CFI binder?

A CFI binder is a collection of lesson plans a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) has which includes all their knowledge, notes, references, and so forth. Their CFI binder is how they teach. A properly set up CFI binder will allow a CFI to quickly prepare for any given lesson my containing condensed information on the subject at hand. This will allow the CFI to rapidly revision the subject prior to teaching it, as well as use it during a lesson.

A properly structured CFI binder will contain lesson plans that work as outlines of the lessons taught. They can therefore be relied upon during a lesson, and they can be useful to read through by student pilots after the lesson has been taught.

Professional lesson plans

Comprehensive lessons
Our lessons are designed to be comprehensive yet easy to understand.
The lessons included in the binder double as handouts to students.
Simple design
The lesson plans and all included illustrations are made with simplicity in mind.
Beautiful illustrations
Illustrations are made in-house for the best possible clarity and learning potential.

Complex made simple

The most recognized flight instructors have all found a way of making complex concepts simple. All lesson plans made by Flight First have been tested and tried in the industry for the most refined quality possible.

With technical illustrations made by our in-house graphics designer, you will be able to communicate a sophisticated idea effectively with ease

Save time

Making a CFII binder from scratch takes months of work with hundreds of hours invested in finding source material, references, re-writing texts, formatting, locating appropriate illustrations. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use your time where it matters: learning to teach and growing into the role of a helicopter CFII. Instead of spending months developing your own material, instead spend that time learning the material already out there to nail the checkride.

Every subject covered extensively

Each task in the Practical Test Standards has its very own dedicated lesson plan, which has been tailored to be taught by using space efficient formatting and illustrations. Each lesson plan comes with references to help make the checkride a breeze, or to guide your students in the right direction.
Fundamentals of Instruction
Aeromedical factors
Flight instruments
Navigation equipment
Regulations and publications
Cross-country flight planning
IFR emergencies
Instrument cockpit check
IFR departure procedures
IFR en-route procedures
IFR approach procedures
Navigation systems
IFR compliance
Maneuver lessons
Required instruments for IFR

What our customers are saying

"I can't believe i didn't know about this thing until i was almost done with my rating, it would have been a huge help early on. Definitely worth it if you're serious about having top notch CFII lesson plans."
Jim Myers
"This is a really good binder. I was a little lost on how to make one myself, not being great with formatting and building graphics and all that. This checks all the boxes and is cheaper than ground lessons. Would recommend!"
Abby Jones
"This CFII Binder is an absolute game-changer for aspiring CFII's. It has great organization and comprehensive content. Highly recommended!"
Reuben Scott

Teach to fly IFR like a pro

Elevate your IFR lessons with lesson plans custom tailored for the Robinson helicopters. These lesson plans include custom, professional grade illustrations to enhance the learning experience in the classroom and in the air.
Flight by reference to instruments
Recovery from unusual attitudes
Timed turns
Arc procedures
Non-precision approaches
precision approaches
Copter/PINS approaches
Holding procedures

All updates free

Enjoy unlimited free updates to the CFII binder and all its included content and lesson plans. The latest version of the CFII binder will be available for download at any time through your account page.

Bundle and save

Fully realize your potential as a Certified Flight Instructor with the complete package of premium helicopter pilot lesson plans. Bundle and save precious time and money.
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